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Enjoy shopping at the historic downtown Covington at which you can purchase the best deals

Anybody who loves shopping will certainly like to see the town of Covington in Georgia where all of the best deals in clothing, jewelry, shoes and a lot more are located at the city's historic downtown.

Covington is the county seat of Newton situated 35 miles east of Atlanta.

Over 60 feature films and television shows have employed Covington and the Newton County since their background since the early 1970s. This is precisely the reason why lots of people see Covington to join interesting tours to the place sites of some of those shows and movies.

At the historic downtown, tourists receive a glimpse of how energetic the city's economic facet is. There, you can look for antiques, trendy and timeless apparels, jewelry, hardware items, toys, toys and fashionable accessories.

There's Perfect Fit Lingerie, a women shop where girls can find the perfect "match"; Your Sister's Closet, a family consignment store that offers all of the best deals in apparels; as well as The Little Store, an extremely unique small shop that offers a variety of interesting products.

People who intend to get married may also browse through heaps of beautifully-designed wedding and bridesmaids' gowns, tuxedos and wedding accessories.

There is also a style corner where the whole family can pick anything -- from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and ties.

You can also order for custom made drapes, blinds and upholstery at Antiques and much more, where one-of-a-kind gifts are easily available at very affordable prices.

It is the biggest retailer of quality furniture at Covington that also offers free in-home design services.

If you would like fresh products, there's Ramsey's Generate that provides fresh items every day.

And if you're a lover of the "Vampire Diaries" series, you would certainly love to see the On Location Gifts located at the historic Covington square where it is possible to purchase souvenirs linked to the television show.

The store provides excursions to the places of all television shows and movies filmed in Covington.

Covington, GA

The city of Covington in Newton County is living up to its name as a beautiful town that's been featured in several TV shows and films since the early 1970.

And read more if you happen to drop by at Covington, You would have fun watching a lot of its annual events and actions.

If you like cars, the Covington Cars of the Past Car Show Is the Best place for you to reveal Your passion.

The car show is slated on Oct. 1 at the historic Covington

On its 25th year, the Yearly Automobiles of the Past Covington Car Show is a place for enthusiasts to show their classic car, motorcycle or golf cart.

Automobiles and appreciated by over three million fans. Check this website for additional information

From Oct. 1 to 31, scarecrows will swarm Downtown Covington For the annual Scarecrow Contest and Showcase.

The contest is open to all Enthusiasts who want to show off their creativity since one criterion for the contest is that the scarecrows must be hand-made. Check here for more details

All year round, you are able to join the excursion on Mystic Falls, the House of the "Vampire Diaries." If you're a lover of the famous TV show, then this is your opportunity to see firsthand how this film was born.

The excursion will take you to legendary places Used from the show, such as the Mystic Grill, the Mystic Falls Courthouse, the Damon and Elena Rain Kiss scene in Episode 6:06 and Whitmore Campus,

You can see the entrance to the tunnels along with a Lot More scenes from The series's all 8 seasons, such as the Lockwood Mansion, Check this site for more information of this excursion

Christmas in Covington is full of fun and Happy memories as its Christmas on the Square is a community tradition that depicts how the residents share the holiday spirit.

This year, the Covington Lions Club Christmas Parade is slated on December 2 starting at 10:00am.

This Year is different since no theme has been implemented so that the participants can come up with whatever thoughts they can consider. Check here for additional information

Music fans will definitely have a grand time watching Covington's annual Concerts on the Square, held at noon time every Thursdays during the months of May and September.

Held since 1990, Concerts on the Square Has drawn together music enthusiasts who all enjoy excellent songs of different genres while still savoring the traditional small town life that Covington has to offer you.

This season, Concerts on the Square will be held on Sept. 7, 14, 21 and 28.


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